Steve Parrish Workshop

Steve Parrish Workshop

Research, Retrace, Re-Establish, Record

Workshop By: Steve Parrish, PLS, CFEDS

Friday, September 15, 2017

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM (Lunch will be provided)

1995 Market Street, Riverside, CA 92501




With the passing of time, natural deterioration of earthly materials, sometimes confusing writings, less than desirable drawings and hazy memories, the task of ” finding the survey” becomes overwhelming. Experience, endurance, connections and mentors are essential elements of any successful search for the “surveyor’s path” and the monuments left to mark that path. A.C. Mulford, in his 1912 treatise – “BOUNDARIES AND LANDMARKS” – sums up our
responsibilities with the following statement from page 87:


” The problems of boundary lie at the foundation of all surveying, for one must know where a line is before he can measure it, and the solution of these problems calls for the same powers of accurate observation and of consecutive and logical thought that are demanded for successful work in any branch of modern science. ”


During this exchange of ideas we will discuss various sources of survey related information, techniques in evaluating survey evidence, free flow of ideas within our profession and the importance of patience, precision and articulate documentation. We will review survey challenges and solutions from my 50+ years of federal, state, and private experience laced with lessons learned as an expert witness.


The importance of thorough RESEARCH, patient RECOVERY techniques, permanent REMONUMENTATION and accurate RECORDATION are threaded throughout the workshop presentation. Questions and ideas from the workshop participants will enhance the learning experience for all in attendance.


2017 RSB CLSA Member Status

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